DV – 80 min.

there are no outdoor ice rinks

in Madrid

They crossed the Atlantic between Spain and Canada, not always in the same direction, but always for the same cause.


An experimental documentary uncovering personal and historical connections between a poet, a doctor, an immigrant and a volunteer soldier. During the writing of a film script about a young Canadian who volunteered as a soldier to defend democracy in Spain in 1937, a Canadian-Spanish filmmaker and immigrant, son of the exiled poet Jesús López Pacheco, travels in Canada and Spain retracing and questioning the events that led to his family’s emigration.

The personal quest combines images of the present travels with found documentary recordings made by the filmmaker during his youth of his father’s poetry and music.

Special Mention for its daring and original cinema style.

Ronda International Cinema Festival (Spain)

DV – 2022 – 80 min.

Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor
Bruno Lazaro

there are no

outdoor ice rinks

in Madrid

Special Mention Award

for work-in-progress version

Ronda International Cinema Festival (Spain)


screening work-in-progress versions

DOXA Documentary Film Festival (Vancouver)

Festival Dífferent 4! L’autre cinéma espagnol (Paris)

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival (Spain)

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