it’s for you!

“What she sees is what he gets, what you get is what he sees”

Four video letters shot by a young man living in Toronto and sent to a lover in Barcelona chronicle a long-distance relationship, as it becomes a reckless sexual game.

Julian is a student in Toronto who has just come back from a trip to Barcelona where he has fallen in love with Sundra. Obsessed with this intense two-day affair, Julian decides to send Sundra video letters to keep contact with his love in Spain. He takes the camera everywhere he goes, recording his life in Toronto and his feelings for Sundra.

Sundra initially forgets Julian but her interest is sparked when she receives the first tape. Julian’s tapes become more and more introspective until he calls Sundra early one morning and hears a man’s voice on the other end. Shattered, he confronts Sundra. She openly admits to having another lover and tells him he should do the same.

Sundra insists that this is the only realistic solution to their distance. She convinces Julian to secretly videotape his sexual encounters for her to see. As he pursues this goal, he faces his darkest moment but also is offered a glimpse of clarity about love.

2004 – 94 min.


This film hasn’t been available for a long time, so I’m thrilled to share here the full movie in a new fully-restored version pulled from the original master tapes.

I want to dedicate this new release to the memory of my very dear friend Minerva Palacios who passed away in 2019. She was too young and still had too many dreams to live. I will always miss the endless hours we spent talking, laughing and solving the world’s problems with beautiful crazy ideas.

At the time of shooting this film Minerva helped me enormously even letting me use her home as the main location for the film. We were a small crew of four but we still took over her College Street apartment, especially because the film was shot in little more than a week, so we shot very long days and more than a few all-nighters.

Wherever you are Minerva, this is for you!