August, so Tragic and Tender (in post-production)

“Forever is a good word.”

Ingrid García JonssonFernando TielveCarlos Camino

Eryka travels to Spain from the African Sahrawi refugee camps where she has been shooting a documentary. On arriving she discovers that her boyfriend, Marc, has vanished hang-gliding over the ocean. She meets David, her boyfriend’s roommate and archaeologist co-worker. As they search the coastal area an intense attraction develops. Tormented by this and desperate to find Marc, Eryka continues on her own. One day Marc appears just where he says they had planned to meet. Together again, Eryka dives fearlessly into a sweet death-bound dream.

“August, so Tragic and Tender” is a new film made with footage originally shot for “Eryka’s Eyes”. A REDUX version with new scenes not previously included. This work in progress will be my director’s cut.